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ECE 2012 – Flight Club

ECE 2012 is next week. REALLY it is next week !! (There is still time to register or if you still not finished with your slides, there is still a weekend ) To give you yet another good reason to come, I like to point you at the Flight Club. As you have probably heard [...]

ECE 2012 – Last Call – Submission system closes today.

This is the final and last call for your submission for EclipseCon Europe 2012. The submission system closes tonight. Last chance to get your talk or tutorial submitted. Do it right now here ->

The dynamic nature of OSGi…

OSGi is cool no question. It supports encapusulation, a clever dependency management and version management. You can develop bundles very loosely since there is this defined API between them. Its service oriented and you can easily inject services without knowing where the implementation is. Yet has it ever to you that tried to inject a [...]

The covariant return type abyssal

The possibility to define a more specific return type when overriding a method has been introduced together with generics long time ago. The number of casts needed has dimished dramatically since these days, and our code is now a lot more readable. But there are also some nasty pitfalls you won’t recognize before you fall [...]

Talks about “good” applications and projects @EclipseCon 2012

I enjoy my time at EclipseCon 2012 in Reston this time. I watched a really great JDT tutorial on monday by Stephan Herrmann. I also enjoyed Assholes are killing your project. A talk I look forward today is the one from Steve Northover about JavaFX, SWT and Swing (highly recommended if you have never seen [...]

ECE iPad App – Thank you Apple :-)

In only a few hours Apple approved the fixed version of the IPad app. So if you are struggeling with the favorites part of the iPad App you can now get the 1.2.2 version from the Apple Store. Sorry for the hazzle….

Update Your Look With Style

The Riena Look&Feel is a very powerful component to customize the look of your Riena application. The main task of the LnFUpdater is to update the look of the SWT widgets inside the application (see Blog Entry Update Your Look). This article describes some special features of the LnFUpdater. The LnFUpdater sets the properties of every [...]

Learn how to write good applications at ECE2011

If you haven’t registered for ECE2011 already you can and should do this right now. There are many talks where you can improve your knowledge and learn how to better write Eclipse technology based applications. You can either look at the session schedule on the web or on your smart device (iPhone, iPad currently, Blackbarry [...]

Riena Previewer

Eclipse RCP is a great framework for developing business applications. It provides powerful technologies to build modular user interfaces, e.g. the workbench with its views and editors. I like the worbench concept – just create a view, register it and place it in a perspective – but there is one big drawback: If you are [...]

Update Your Look

Look&Feel is one of the central parts of any modern enterprise application. In contrast to common Eclipse RCP applications Riena provides an intuitive and customizable API to impress your application users with a modern user interface. Special Riena renderers for SWT widgets will do the dirty work for you. How to do it… Riena Look&Feel [...]